Tips on how to prepare yourself for the interview

Taking some time to prepare for your job interview helps you secure the place along with making a firm impression on the interviewer. As a matter of fact, many people fail to impress the interviewer in spite of having oceans full of knowledge. On the contrary, sometimes people who are not so much knowledgeable grab the job and lead the life they want. At the time of the interview, one should be so up-to-date that they can easily convince the interviewer that they are knowledgeable, skilled and experienced. The profile should be a great motivation on its own, convince the job interviewer in such a way that they feel that you are the most fitted candidate for the available position. One should be well-versed in all the aspects of cracking the interview. To help you with all these questions we have complied with the best tips and tricks for preparing you for the interview. These tips will include how to practice the questions for the interview, how to dress up for the interview, how to impress the interviewer and how to take a follow-up after the interview.

Scrutinize the job

The first and foremost thing to analyze is the job description. All the job publishers advertise their job along with the description which clearly states what they want from their employee. In order to know about the type of job, one must certainly go through it thoroughly.

  • Just jot down the major points to know that what are the expectations, skills and qualities that are been asked by the employer.

Do proper Research about the organization

The second and most significant factor is to do proper research about the organization where you are heading towards for giving the interview. Do proper research from all the possible resources so that you can prove yourself better from others.

  • Try to know the profile and name of the interviewer this will show your keenness towards the particular job profile. For this, you can contact the company personnel and get the required information.

  • You can also talk to some of the office employees in order to know about the office ambiance.

  • Try giving your 100% to this interview. Nobody can amend their past work pattern and experiences but they can surely implement new ideas and methodology to improve their work.

  • Proper information can be retrieved from the articles, blogs, magazines published on the website of the recruiter.

Prepare the questions of your own

The positive and interactive sessions during the interviews are always highly appreciated. You can always ask the recruiter some questions in order to show your level interest for the job. This certainly does not means that you can ask any such question that can make you seem to be unnecessarily dragging their attention? The questions must be molded in such a way that they may really let the recruiter drag their attention and also they must be thoughtful.

  • Some of the questions that you can ask can be like What are the opportunities for growth if you get associated with this company?

  • Or you can ask What are their future prospects?

Practice the interview questions

The most important part of preparing for the job interview is to practice the questions on your own. Once you scramble for the answers you can easily calm down your nerves.

All you need to do is ask any of your family member or friend to ask you a certain question and you answer them. Try to make such an environment so that you can feel that you are actually giving an interview.

In case if it is a telephonic interview then you can ask your friend or family to call you and take your interview on phone. On the contrary, if it is a panel interview then ask some of your friends to call you at once and then you can give the interview to a bunch of people If in case the same questions are being asked during the interview then it may be a bit easier for you.

The best part about giving the interview to your friend is that they will give you actual feedback about how your interview was. If still after or during the interview you are committing mistakes like fumbling during speaking then maybe you are still not putting across your best foot forward and you need to practice a little more. Try to anticipate the toughest questions that can be asked of you so that you do not get nervous at the time of interview.

Anticipate the questions that you are going to answer

Now keep yourself at the place of the recruiter and ask questions to yourself. Suppose if you are the place of the interviewer then what are the probable questions that you would be asking the applicant. Then try to answer those questions.

  • Always try to give the most positive answer to even the negative questions of the employer.

  • Like if you are being asked why do you want to work here. Then simply answer that I want my talent to be cultivated here as I feel that this company will provide me with the best of the opportunities.

  • Never be scared of admitting the fact that you do not know any of the answers. There is nothing wrong in saying no to answer rather than giving the wrong answers. It’s better to portray yourself as an honest person rather than befooling your recruiter as very minute things are also being considered during the interview.

What to do on the day of the interview?

  • Finally comes the day when you actually have to appear in the interview. All you need to do is dress up accordingly. The best thing you can do is dress up in such a way that you are actually selected and it’s your first day at your work.

  • Sometimes people prepare for their job and they are not ready for the purpose. Try to make a good and sober combination of clothes so that you can look presentable. As they say that the first impression is the last impression. Avoid wearing too bright colors and using too much deodorant it makes a very bad appeal on the person.

  • Try to reach at least 15 to 20 minutes before the given time this shows your keenness towards the job profile. Try to do some exercise in the morning to annihilate all the worries and stress.

  • Be empathetic towards everyone at the interview this creates a very good impression.

  • Be clear with your words and accent.

  • Do not fumble

  • Do not use too much of your electronic gadget this shows your reluctance towards the job.

  • Try to notice your surroundings and your perception

Keep your answers short and simple during the interview. Before leaving the hall to say words of gratitude towards the people present. Then after few days with the help of an email or letter just try to take a gentle follow up regarding your interview. Always try to end your follow up with a thank you note whether the feedback was positive or negative.

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