Jammu & Kashmir Services Selection Board SSB Syllabus for 2020

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Post Name: J&K Services Selection Board (SSB)

Year: 2020-2021

SSB Syllabus 2020-2021

SLSubjectTotal Marks
1.General Knowledge(GK)30
2Mathematics / Statistics10
4Computer Knowledge30
5Accountancy/ Book keeping30
6General Science10

General Knowledge (GK)


Popular Names :

  • Religion 
  • Politics 
  • Scientific Discovery
  • Geographycal 
  • Sports 
  • History

Constitution Of India:

  • Formation
  • Fundamental Rights
  • Directive Principles
  • Sponsored Schemes
  • Guidelines & Objectives
  • Tourist Destinations
  • History Of Jammu & kashmir- Places & their importance
  • Sustainable Development Goal
  • Agriculture in Economic Development, Industrilization & Economic Development
  • Panchayati Raj act 1989
  • Climate & Crops in Jammu & Kashmir
  • Current Events Of Local, National & International Importance

Mathematics/ Statistics

  • Theory Of Probability
  • Tabulation and compilation of data
  • Methods of collecting primary and secondary data.
  • Theory of Attributes- Basic concept and their applications.
  • Sampling and Non Sampling errors.
  • Analysis of Time Series components.
  • Demography- Census, its feature and functions
  • Vital Statistics- Measures of fertility, Measures of Mortality, specific fertility rates,
    gross and net reproduction rates.
  • Set Theory- Basic Concepts and Applications
  • Matrices & Determinants, simultaneous Linear Equations.
  • Analytical Geometry.

General Economics

  • Economics Basic Concept & Principles
  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Budgeting including own resource generation and budgeting for Panchayat. 
  • Fiscal Policy, Meaning, Scope and Methodology
  • Growth and development: – Meaning, Scope, Difference & Relevance.
  • Inflation; Meaning, Types, Effects
  • Production, cost and efficiency.
  • Factors of production and laws.
  • Demand analysis.
  • Theory of Consumers demand using in difference curve technique.
  • Pricing under various forms of Markets.
  • Concept of Gram Panchayat Development Plan (GPDP)

Accountancy & Book Keeping

  • Accounting equation and Journal.
  • Voucher Approach in Accounting.
  • Bank reconciliation Statement.
  • Financial Management/Statements.
  • Partnership Accounts.
  • Ledger Accounts.
  • Cash Book, Financial Audit.
  • Elements of Double entry Book Keeping.
  • Rules for journalizing.
  • Trial Balance.
  • Trading Account.
  • Profit Loss Account and Balance Sheet.
  • Concept of Social Accounting, Social Audit and cash based single entry system of
  • Public Financial Management System (PFMS).

General Science

  • Biology: Important Inventions and their inventor; Important and Interesting facts
    about human body parts; Nutrition in Animals and Plants; diseases and their
    causes like bacteria; Viruses and Protozoa. 
  • Chemistry: Chemical Properties of Substance and their uses; Chemical name of
    Important substances like Plaster of Paris etc.; Chemical Change and Physical
    Change; Properties of Gases; surface Chemistry; Chemistry in Everyday life. 
  • Physics: Important inventions and their inventor; S.I Units; Motion; Sound; light;
    Wave; energy; Electricity.
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